Top themes for your corporate parties

Theme night gold or no theme night? That’s the question … It’s true that imposing a theme on your employees is a teambuilding activity or even a promotion, a great way to emphasize your consideration of the team. A group who is honored and excited, you will see its motivation and involvement boosted by this challenge! The usual laus on the fatigue of the room gives way to passionate debates about the choice of the suit in the corridors of corridors, instilling a festive perfume that will delight the gloomiest. It’s true that it’s nice to get out of the work and share a moment of merry camaraderie with colleagues but it is not necessarily to everyone’s taste …, and we understand, will rather react with rejection at the announcement of a themed party … And then, according to the image of your company, to wiggle in Obelix on the dance floor, braids in the wind, will tend to make you lose credibility points … All this depends in the selection of the theme, if there is a theme. To help you make a no-fault, here is a small selection of those who are all the rage!

20’s, 60’s… : 

How to disguise while remaining beautiful and sophisticated? Hard to find a subject that allows both genres to shine, yet this theme that combines elegance and fun does. It evokes times that make us dream or not, a guaranteed success! For the cane in some and the cigarette holder in others, we will choose this theme for the sole pleasure of satisfying our inner dandy …

Proverbs, metro stations:

If you like to dig your head for the most creative disguise, this theme is perfect! Free to your imagination to interpret in a zany and inventive way proverbs (as opposite « have your head in the clouds ») or metro stations around the world. Playful and didactic!

Movies of all genres:

A theme not too complicated that will delight geeks, moviegoers and others! There are films that are unanimous and that will make everyone want to play the game! From Harry Potter to Scream, the possibilities are endless! However, be sure to choose a movie that allows a variety of costumes, a party filled with little brown glasses loses its charm …

Chic shock detail:

The concept is simple: a formal outfit, a tuxedo, elegance personified … And paf! The detail that kills ! Flippers on the feet, a candy necklace, a skirt with fuchsia fishnet stockings, an umbrella hat, a bicycle tire belt, it’s up to you to find the most surprising … The key word is: do it nonsense!


Feathers, frills, sequins, boas, corsets and red, red everywhere! Welcome to the world of cabaret, burlesque, a madly decadent world where anything is allowed. Maybe a little daring for a business night but according to the policy of the box it can be perfectly hilarious! These gentlemen will unfortunately have less variety in the choice of the costume but they will be compensated by the view offered on these ladies, dressed as ever in their dress.

Masked ball, carnival of Venice:

Rediscover your colleagues in a muffled atmosphere, full of mystery that will give a fairy aspect to your evening … Concealed behind shimmering masks, decorated with gilding, transported into a world of play, comedy, masquerade will you guess who is behind the mask of the handsome Harlequin or the graceful queen of the night, in great conversation with a stranger with a black and silver mask?

Mafia and prohibition:

For the fans of the 30s, the Godfather and the alcohol traffic, wake up the Don Corleone who is in you and enjoy an evening between gangsters. Except that here alcohol will flow like water and blackmailing is forbidden, even to be escorted by car!

Black and White, monochrome …:

As mentioned above, some people have developed a pronounced allergy to disguise, themes that involve a simple chromatic imperative are a good alternative for this kind. This allows to maintain a certain harmony in the decoration and produces a beautiful set of colors!

P as …:

The advantage of this theme is that it gives great freedom in the choice of the costume since you have the opportunity to illustrate absolutely everything that starts with the letter « P ». You can decide to take the first letter of the name of your company, in a spirit of coherence and sense of the company!

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