Finally, the weekend! Or almost … You probably have a lot of great activities planned, like a restaurant with friends not seen for centuries or any program at all that can be even better! This is how your Friday afternoon will begin to stretch, to extend, the minutes become endless, the needle on your watch does not seem to want to deviate from the 3 and the inactivity of those around you, frozen behind a computer, weighs you … The imminence of these two small days of leave makes you untenable, and that’s normal! So how do you keep calm, calmly resist the urge you have to give up everything to gain a few hours on your weekend?

First, some tips to keep some energy throughout the week, because we know very well that it is not only Friday that leaves us subject to small drops in diet …

First place, you have to sleep well! It is obvious, some neglect yet this essential aspect of our daily life. And yes, it’s not easy to force yourself to have stable sleep schedules; Once the dinner is eaten and the brats in the land of dreams, we only want to enjoy this little latency before everything starts again … But sleeping is also an activity of the most delectable!

Other elements can also improve your daily life. Listen to music in the office, if the policy of your company allows you of course, do not get fired for 2 minutes 30 of Bruno Mars! Talking with colleagues also helps to set a good mood, to give you a reason to get up in the morning. This may be surprising, but loneliness is one of the main factors of depression … So, show your social skills! Even forced they remain a powerful ally to embellish your professional life.

In the same spirit, think about smiling. In fact, no, force yourself to smile, to reveal your white toothy peg. It is a safe, scientifically proven technique that brings a lot of positive chemical reactions into the brain and puts us in a good position for work. In addition to its practical aspect, smiling makes us beautiful and attracts people to us; so, above all, laugh, smile, show your joie de vivre!

It is necessary to fight at all costs the negative feelings, because once launched, they will plunge you in a pit of depression which you will have difficulty to leave because the negativity consumes your energy. Instead, look for a state of mind borrowed positivity, focus on small details cheering: the coffee machine repaired, a signed contract, a new engaging colleague …

To speak specifically about Friday afternoon, you can already avoid eating a too heavy at lunch … Without depriving you, just postpone the next day the raclette that made you so salivate! You’ve probably already noticed, when your stomach is more than satisfied, your body settles in a lethargic state quite counterproductive … In this same time of the lunch break, if you have a little time, take the opportunity to stroll, stretch your legs, make a real break!

Finally, for this afternoon of hell to pass faster, it is best to plan your possible appointments at this time of the week. On the move, the weather will tend to spin, and you will even be surprised to see the end of the day arrive! Without this safety net, you can still get up, do some storage work, organization, planning. All to relieve this painful moment that is Friday afternoon!