On Saturday, it was Lea who organized her dad’s birthday.

80 years you will say to me, this should be celebrated! For the occasion, the family has prepared everything to surprise this man full of stories and anecdotes.

A man of great kindness, thanked by many speeches, by associative awards for his gifts and especially thanked by the love of his children and grandchildren who have found the right words to describe him.

Privatization of the boat, kosher meal specially prepared by the teams of Le Diamant Bleu (in compliance with each rule), decoration well thought and worked on 3D plans.

To accommodate groups of less than 100 people, Le Diamant Bleu must adjust the space at best, in order to transfor  the panoramic living room into:

  • A buffet area
  • Two « lounge » spaces
  • The restaurant area with a central dance floor


80 people for 80 years. What a beautiful evening!

Lea called Adama, a recognized band for his appearances in numerous films (Rabbi Jacob, The Great Forgiveness I and II, For Sacha, Mixed Marriage, So Close …). From Rabbi Jacob’s dances to the oriental dance demonstration, the atmosphere was at its peak.

Thanks to Lea and her parents for choosing us for this wonderful evening.