A famous Jewish proverb says, « we give only two things to our children, roots and wings ». Know who we are and where we are going. The bar mitzvah is the first demonstration. After seeing her little boy or girl growing year by year, the time has come. The religious majority has arrived. He will be celebrating his 13th birthday and you are starting to list all the things that would make this day so special. Priority to the room of course. What place will you rent for this precious day?

Rooms for rent for your son’s bar mitzvah

We start with the list of guests, family, friends … and we do not forget Uncle William. It is all there; you will be many. Then we often get close to a known person who has already rented a room for the bar mitzvah of their child and who may have places to advise us. But in the end, we would like something different, so we look on the internet, we read magazines, which room will we rent for this event? An intimate hotel, the gardens of a castle, a retreat in the country, another country, we consider everything. Today I propose to imagine the bar mitzvah of your son in a rather unusual place … on a boat on the Seine.

Rent Le Diamant bleu for your son’s Bar Mitzvah

Do you have between 200 and 400 guests? You want to feed and enjoy them copiously? Are you looking to rent an elegant room in an unforgettable setting? Welcome to Le Diamant bleu. The last born of the Seine, this boat crosses the river up and down, hosting professional and individual events, always more successful than the others. Le Diamant bleu, commercial, technical and cooking teams, apply to each event to give parents the exact evening they had imagined for their child. Accustomed to the bar mitzvah, we will advise you as much as on the menu or on the proposed activities. Now let’s talk about decor. Imagine this evening drifting on the Seine. The monuments that parade bringing magic to this bar mitzvah. The children, eyes glued to the large windows, watching the show behind the window.

Rent Le Diamant bleu and let yourself be guided

Dj, games, dance, show, magic … we have a panel of artists with whom we are used to work and who offer excellent performances. Tell us about your child, what he likes, what makes him happy, what you have also imagined for him. The sales department will listen to you throughout the organization and until D-Day to take care of this important Bar Mitzvah. Your child has a passion or a gift you would like to honor? From the personalized cake to a real hip hop show, you can absolutely consider everything with the rental of Le Diamant bleu.

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