December. The cold settles in the streets of the city of light. The decorations of Christmas merchants have been in place for two months already, and although the illuminations generate a certain magic, able to fan our inner flame, the invariable shortening of our days and terrible cold makes us apathetic. Tired, lazy, even irritable, for those who would have liked to live at a more hibernation rhythm. And this atmosphere creeps into our offices, day after day, exhausting.

Fortunately, winter is synonymous with celebration, tradition and values. Christmas! And it is essential for your business and your employees that these festivities are honored. Organizing such an event requires time and is certainly a major stress generator for the person in charge of its creation. However, it is a rewarding stress, compensated by the unanimous feeling of joy that it arouses. And if no one in your company can take on the role of organizer, you can always call on providers, organize a night out, a dinner cruise …

It is essential to show to your employees that the company respects these fundamental values, human values. Value of tradition too, of generosity, of conviviality, and especially of the family. Because the presence of your family at the reception is an additional reason not to take this event lightly.

And not to underestimate this celebration, it is important to plan. And plan ahead! Largely because at this time of the year in particular, providers are very fashionable, and this sudden fashion effect may deprive you of staff and some products … It would still be a shame to spend Christmas deprived of champagne!

Another decisive element in the success of your evening is the Christmas tree. Does this sound ridiculous to you? Think again, the tree is the soul of your reception, it gives the magical atmosphere, allows to put your gifts under it and projects its benevolent aura, shimmering on the party. Think about it when choosing your tree, use caution and foresight!

And to check the smooth running of your evening and see the opportunities for improvement for the next year, some companies sometime offer survey to complete after the event.

It’s up to you to see how you want to celebrate Christmas at your company and the importance you want to give it!