Historically, celebrating the chuppah outdoors was a pure Ashkenazi rite. And yes, despite the low temperatures of eastern countries, the tradition of the celebration of outdoor marriage comes from there. As the traditional marriage modernizes, this tradition (of preferring the outside) has become a recurring demand among future brides and grooms. Even if Le Diamant Bleu could accommodate your chuppah in its elegant high ceiling living room, we write this article to present you what the rental of Le Diamant Bleu will bring you for this blessed day. Wait, we tell you everything …

Rent Le Diamant Bleu for your Chuppah


Firstly, it is important to know that we offer several services that can greatly relieve the organization of your Chuppah. Working with us means being sure to enjoy a meticulous and made-to-measure organization, and the icing on the cake is that the barge has a cuisine on board that offers cocktails and kosher dishes. Accustomed to Jewish wedding celebrations, Le Diamant Bleu team will guide you for this day to be perfect. Chuppah of different styles, floral decorations, wooden or modern chairs, large assemblies or medium, everything is workable.


The running of your chuppah at Le Diamant Bleu


Imagine. Your guests arrive little by little on the platform that you have chosen in advance with our team (our Chuppah are very often organized at the foot of the Eiffel Tower). Arrived safely, they are then in front of this large barge looking like a yacht. At the same level as the platform, the first floor, the large living room, made of huge panoramic windows that allow you to look at the tables set up and the perfect decoration that awaits them. A staircase is placed in front of them to reach the terrace. From the middle of it, the glances turn to the Eiffel Tower which seems right above the boat. Arrived at the top of the steps, your guests thus reach the terrace, where will be hundreds of chairs turned to a proud and immaculate chuppah at the end of the boat. Behind the Chuppah, Paris, its bridges and the Seine. The place is beautiful. Behind the assembly, buffets that are already ready to host the kosher cocktail that will follow the ceremony. Moreover, since the morning, the kitchen team is working to prepare all the dishes that you have validated during the tasting meeting. The ceremony promises to be unforgettable, trust us. « Mekoudéché!  »


The different kosher menus of Le Diamant Bleu


The kitchens of Le Diamant Bleu are therefore, as explained above, accustomed to kosher ceremonies. Cocktails, meals, huge tables, or separate round tables, we have a multitude of menus and planning possibilities. The sales team, used to work with several chuppah and decorating professionals, will be able to offer you a large selection of choices. Whether you want a cocktail, or you want to enjoy the show in Paris on a cruise during a meal, we will be honored to host your ceremony. For the atmosphere of the evening, our teams will also offer you a wide range of artists, DJs, magicians, dancers, show of all kinds.


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