Often We do not pay enough attention to the preparations men have to make before such an event, which are however not less important … ,Would you like your half to be groomed like Jared Leto (the singer of 30 Seconds to March, famous for his fresh style) a gala evening? Of course not, unless you like the black fishnet t-shirt styles just because it happened once doesn’t make it a habit, today I’m going to talk to our guys friends!

Before going into the heart of the matter and brief you how to do everything to make all of your guests envy you on the D-Day (on the one hand because of the sublime creature who stands radiant with you but also because you are dazzlingly elegant!), I wanted to remind you the few technical obligations to respect, which are just part of the preparations. Traditionally, men have to take care of buying the bouquet. And there, attention! No faux pas, no red flowers if the dress of your soul mate is pink for example … So it is recommended to wait for the final wedding dress selection before the bouquet, and then, as a respectful lover, you should probably know the type of flowers that your beloved loves …

All this to say that a certain harmony between you and the bride is mandatory, reveal the united, welded, the ideal couple you just create, from the loop of your laces to the unique melody that assembles your souls. This does not mean that you are completely dependent on each other for the choice of your suit, on the contrary, to be as relaxed as possible on the wedding day, the main thing is to make you happy! Since your fiancée is having a blast in choosing her princess outfit, between cream lace # 1 and lamé silk pieces, it would be fair that you can do the same! I advise you, if you have the means, to take you down to a tailor-made suit, bent, the silhouette highlighted, you will radiate confidence, a contagious feeling that can only bring out sincere smiles on the

Here we are now in the « beauty tips » section, which we will call « perfect dandy guide » to avoid offending the masculinity of these gentlemen … Women often think wrongly that men’s fashion is only a recycling permanent of the good old costume and that there is no real variety. Yet men have a myriad of small details to select from the question of the tie or bow tie to the choice of the color of the latter, the shirt, the socks, the clutch bag, cufflinks … And to give all these elements requires a great sense of color and a certain taste, so no prejudices! And as we do not take a step in a store without the critical and benevolent eye of a good friend, your man will be just as happy to be accompanied in his purchases by his right arm, his companion always, his witness!

And now a small inventory of what you will be happy to have in your kit the day of the ceremony:

  • Toothbrush and toothpaste! Yes, that’s it, laugh! It’s not obvious to everyone …
  • A wax to tame your mane. And I say wax, because believe my experience as a woman, the Playmobil effect of styling gel is really the antithesis of what is sexy …
  • Creams of all kinds, because even if you are a man, your skin also needs care from time to time.
  • Deodorant and perfume. And of course no scented deodorant if you plan to put also perfume … Our noses are delicate!/li>

And the touch of gentleman: think to take a handkerchief with you to pick discreetly the tears of madam before they ruin her makeup … Well, you’re ready, there is more than waiting for the arrival of your beautiful, and with a smile please!