To celebrate their 10th birthday, Efficity has chosen Le Diamant bleu to bring together its 300 employees. A huge screen and several turning screens have been installed for the company to review the last years (of success!). The photo you see is the seminar part of the day following with another part way less solemn. Indeed, the speeches finished, the guests were served a cocktail 18 pieces on the terrace, during a cruise of 2 hours through Paris.

For this day, the boat has put every effort into the organization and feedbacks were more than positive. During our post-event conversation, the guests and the management told us that they had not seen the hours pass as the atmosphere was energic and they were more than happy. The cocktail, prepared by the kitchen of the boat, consisted of several sweet and savory pieces that were savored, in particular the beef carpaccio with chanterelle mushrooms and duck and pea bites (whose life expectancy was the shorter of all pieces).

Le Diamant Bleu, congratulated for the efficiency and kindness of the technical and catering teams, thanks now Efficity for having trusted us for their anniversary.