L’Oréal Catwalk – Le Diamant Bleu puts on the colors of the world’s No. 1 cosmetics

For the international leader in beauty care, there is no question of going off the beaten path. It is therefore on an imposing catwalk floating on the Seine, specially arranged for the occasion, that last September 30th, the stars and muses l’Oréal presented the new collection fall-winter 2018-2019 of the international group.

Moored in front of the catwalk, a several meters long barge serves as a VIP stand. Fully customized for the event, the boat that appears on many press photos intrigues. No, this boat does not belong to l’Oréal. This is Le Diamant Bleu, a yacht-style barge, which fits perfectly with the spirit of Fashion Week thanks to its elegant and futuristic lines.

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Le Diamant Bleu, VIP stand of the L’Oreal fashion show

In Fashion Week, the world’s leading cosmetics company has taken a step towards the democratization of the very select world of fashion, to the delight of the curious and fashion fans, who were able to attend for the first time a fashion show ready to wear. And if from the docks of the Seine, the public crowded to attend the event, it is comfortably installed on the barge le Diamant Bleu that celebrities and L’Oréal’s hosts followed the show.

It was at the Port du Gros Caillou, not far from the famous Esplanade des Invalides, that the VIP guests of the L’Oréal parade boarded Le Diamant Bleu.

Several rows of steps have been installed on the teck terrace of 350 m² of the barge, so that everyone can enjoy this show very fashionable.

Under a radiant sky, Le Diamant Bleu led his illustrious passengers to the floating podium where he anchored the parade. For this very special occasion, h2>L’Oreal models and muses boarded Le Diamant Bleu

Carefully prepared for 4 months by the Ubi Bene agency, this highly innovative fashion show was a great success with the French and international public, delighted by the initiative of L’Oréal group.

After the parade, the models and muses of l’Oréal were invited to take place aboard the barge, moored quai de Grenelle, facing the famous Iron Lady.

Louise Bourgoin, Leila Bekhti, Thylane Blondeau, and Noémie Lenoir, to name but a few, enjoyed a very festive after party on the L’Oréal boat.

It is with great pride and excitement that Le Diamant Bleu team welcomed this celebrity bouquet aboard the boat designed by owner Alain Daien.
Present at the scene since 6am, the professional team of the boat Le Diamant Bleu has closely followed the event and responded brilliantly to the requirements of the L’Oreal group.

With its 450 m² panoramic lounge and 350 m² terrace, Le Diamant Bleu offers an idyllic setting for your private and professional events. Give your guests a memorable cruise aboard a luxury barge and rediscover Paris in a new light. Our Michelin-starred chef and his brigade will sublimate your reception thanks to gastronomic menus worthy of the greatest Parisian palaces.

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