You could not miss it, this year ‘s winter flood is pretty dazzling, having gone from 1m30 to 5m86 in one month! It is now officially one of the most important of these last fifty years.

Le Diamant Bleu is one of the last born of the Seine, and we know that its robustness protects it from this bad weather, but what a tear to see Paris flooded. Knowing that from 2m50 flood, our boat cannot go under the bridges and it was thus docked securely to its port from the beginning of the flood. Some small boats took advantage of a few extra days, before the flood get to 4m precisely.

The stop of the traffic on the river is thus almost total since the beginning of January. It is 15,600 people who are immobilized and scrupulously watching this site to keep themselves inform of the progress of the recession: = 7 & GrdSerie = H & ZoomInitial = 3 & CdStationsSecondaires =:

The commercial manager of the boat must therefore organize all the postponements of particular and professional events that were to be held on Le Diamant Bleu during this period. Fortunately, years of experience have taken over the stress and everything goes, as usual, very well.

For the safety of people and property, Le Diamant Bleu team will wait a few days after this flood to resume its activity, and in the meantime, we invite you to pay close attention to the docks of the Seine.