It’s the return of Arthur and his crazy band on Le Diamant Bleu. As for each edition of the « invisibles », Arthur chooses our boat for his show, choice mainly made for large and modular surfaces, for the view, and for the modernity of the boat.During the whole day before the shooting, the technical teams are busy to install the control room in the living room and the kitchen, while on the teck terrace is mounted television studio set. Everything is ready, the sun goes down, it’s good, and the Parisian night settles and as a queen, the sparkling Eiffel Tower, in the background of the boat. The audience arrives, the comedians and Arthur get settled and the hilarious hidden cameras and multiple challenges can begin.This evening, like the last three, has been a real success, and, used to the organization of more classic events, we are delighted when other people shape Le Diamant Bleu to their ambitions. We thank Arthur, Satisfaction Production and his « Invisibles » team for trusting us and look forward to the next show.