HP Training day on Le Diamant Bleu

After the Nuxe training day that took place on September 13th aboard Le Diamant Bleu, it is a whole team of computer scientists and computer engineers which boarded on September 20th on the prestigious barge moored dock de Javel (15th arrondissement of Paris), for a day of training HP, rich in emotions.

Back on this unusual meeting.

Optimal working conditions

Even if the beginning of the conference was scheduled for 4pm, Le Diamant Bleu team has been busy setting up logistically and technically the room since 8am. For this team of professionals, no place is left to the approximation. The goal? To offer their customers excellent working conditions in a setting that is both unique and spectacular.

« The companies that choose to hold their meetings and seminars on Le Diamant Bleu are, above all, seduced by the originality of the place and the charm of the barge, explains Julia, commercial director of Le Diamant Bleu. But they are also pleasantly surprised by the quality of the technical service which

An ergonomic workspace

Each client has specific requirements, specific expectations and varied needs. On the Blue Diamond, the watchwords are professionalism and customer service.

« The panoramic lounge barge Blue Diamond is flexible, says Julia. This allows us to adapt to the specific needs of all our customers.  »
em> Ce qui nous permet de nous adapter au besoins spécifiques de tous nos clients.”

This is how the leaders of the HP training day had the great idea to punctuate the conference with skits and magic shows, to the delight of all participants.

« The rehearsals of the actors began around noon, recalls this dynamic sales manager. We made several attempts to make sure that everything would be perfect when the time to board was approaching. Space, light, sounds … everything has been sifted. «  »


A cocktail on the terrace that will delight your taste buds and your pupils.

“ As usual, the Michelin-starred Diamant Bleu and his brigade have outdone themselves to offer passengers a generous and refined cocktail, like the prestige barge.”

« It’s a bit of a highlight, » says Julia. With its 350 m² teak deck, the Diamant Bleu terrace offers a wonderful view of Paris from the Seine. Most of the time, it is on this terrace that we install cocktails and buffets prepared with love and passion by our star chef and his team of professionals.  »

The appetizers are tasty, varied and plentiful. While savoring some delicacies, the passengers of the barge wander on the deck and admire endlessly the Parisian architecture, letting themselves rocked by the waves.

The HP training day ended at around 2am and participants returned home filled with wonderful memories.

You too, sublimate your private or professional events by associating them with an exceptional place. Benefit from a turnkey organization and enjoy a memorable cruise aboard the Blue Diamond barge.

In a smaller committee meeting, the Daniel’s boat is a great alternative. Its modern and ergonomic reception room can accommodate up to 70 people, and the services offered are similar to those of the Blue Diamond in terms of quality and diversity.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and information.

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