The sky has cleared this Sunday, July 23rd with the presence of Bora- ​​Hansgrohe on Le Diamant Bleu.
Bora, a unique experience, unusual services, unusual innovations. Expert in cooking and physics, Bora demonstrates at every moment that he is a reference in the field. Hansgrohe, « made in Germany », pioneer of the bathroom and plumbing since 1901, offers design and high-end products and also guides customers with a consulting service. Both gathered on the occasion of the Tour de France to give new vitality to cycling across the Rhine..
For the occasion, imagine them, sailing on the waters of the Seine, waiting for their riders around a brunch made to measure mixing a relaxed atmosphere and a unique chic.
The traditional buffets hand over to trays installed directly on 20 tables, to avoid coming and going during the many speeches.
Chaise longue and cocktail on the terrace. Haste and impatience. Which cyclists will arrive first? Who will surpass themselves?

Once the brunch is over, encouragement is slow. They all leave to join the course of the Tour de France, braving crowds and obstacles./div>

Back on Le Diamant Bleu at 8:30 pm, the party can (re) start, cocktail parties and beer, here they go again to dance all night long.
Between two interviews of the cyclists, returned from a marathon against the clock, exhausted but happy, everyone was able to swing on Eyes of the tiger or We are the Champion … because the athletes and the guests stayed until 4am on the boat. The least we can say is that the atmosphere was energic.
PS: Thanks also to the agency Day and Night for this day.