Barge for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Paris

Are you looking for an exceptional and unforgettable venue to celebrate your child’s Bar Mitzvah in Paris? Why not organize your bar Mitzvah on a barge ? Le Diamant Bleu is a prestige barge docked at the quayside can accommodate up to 400 guests and offers a variety of cruise packages, including seated catering, chic and elegant cocktails, dance parties and all kinds of other options to make your event unforgettable.

A Bar / Bat Miztva on a unique barge

We look forward to working with discerning customers to deliver superior service. We can adapt to your needs and customize your event according to your wishes and requirements for a perfect bar mitzvah barge that reflects your image. We know that your child’s bar mitzvah is a very special occasion, and we want to do everything we can to make it an unforgettable experience for you and your guests aboard our barge Le Diamant Bleu.

We can offer you a dry hire of our barge. So you can personalize your event according to your wishes and desires. We offer you a spacious, elegant reception area with a breathtaking view of the Seine. You can decorate the barge to match your bar mitzvah theme, or leave it to our team of professional decorators.

Why choose the Diamant Bleu barge
for your bar mitzvah?

Our Diamant Bleu barge is ideal for large families or groups looking to celebrate their child’s Bar Mitzvah in a unique and exceptional setting. With its privileged location and considerable capacity, this is the barge for your bar Mitzvah!

In addition to a panoramic view of the Seine, our top-of-the-range barge also offers a dance area, an outdoor terrace, and is equipped with an audiovisual system that can meet the needs of any type of event, especially your wedding party. With a dedicated, professional team on hand to cater to your every need, you can relax and enjoy every moment of the day.

Quality catering

We can put you in touch with caterers tailored to your needs. We usually work with a large number of kosher caterers. Several catering options are available to meet every need. Guests can choose from a variety of dishes, from starters to main courses and desserts. Guests can also enjoy the barge’s terrace while sampling the dishes on offer. The panoramic view from the terrace completes the gastronomic experience for an exceptional evening.. The fresh produce used is then enhanced by the Parisian panorama offered by the banks of the Seine.

Technical equipment for a bar Mitzvah on board our barge

We provide you with top-of-the-range technical equipment for your bar Mitzvah, so that you can host your party: giant screen, return screens, microphone, lectern.

Friendly entertainment

One of the key elements of the evening is the entertainment, which must match the event and provide a festive, convivial atmosphere.

The barge is equipped with a top-of-the-range sound system that can accommodate DJs to liven up your evening. We also make our DJ available for any occasion, who will liven up the evening with a customized playlist according to your wishes, playing traditional music or popular titles to keep guests dancing all night long on Le Diamant Bleu’s large dance floor.

We can also help you arrange entertainment for your guests, such as dancers, musicians and all kinds of other entertainment to make your bar Mitzvah barge party even more memorable.

Popular times to celebrate your Bar Mitzvah on our barge

The Diamant Bleu barge is a popular choice for bar Mitzvah celebrations. Rental times for the Diamant Bleu barge are 7pm to midnight or 8pm to 1am, with the option of extending the evening. You can also rent the barge for the day.

These schedules are often compatible with the running of a bar Mitzvah, but can be adjusted if necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact us: 01 77 17 65 67.

Need help?

Our experienced and attentive team is at your service to help you organize your bar Mitzvah party aboard the barge, from catering menus to music and decoration choices. We’re here to make your experience at Le Diamant Bleu as pleasant as possible. Our aim is to give you peace of mind on the big day, so that you can enjoy your event as serenely as possible.

So if you’re looking for a memorable and unforgettable venue to celebrate your child’sBar Mitzvah in Paris, the Diamant Bleu barge is the perfect choice. With its capacity, flexibility, variety of cruise options and unique ambience, your event is sure to be a spectacular one for all guests. Contact us today to find out more about booking this exclusive space for your Bar Mitzvah.