Organizing a company Christmas tree

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Organizing a corporate Christmas tree is a tradition much appreciated by employees. It is an opportunity to strengthen ties between colleagues and celebrate the end of the year in a festive atmosphere. For this event to be a success, it is important to follow a few key steps.

A corporate Christmas tree is a festive tradition where a company hosts a special event to celebrate the Christmas season with its employees. The event usually includes decorating a Christmas tree on the company premises and hosting a party or ceremony to mark the start of the festive season.

The corporate Christmas tree can vary in scale and activities. Some companies simply choose to decorate a Christmas tree in their lobby or common area, while others may host a more elaborate party with gifts, music, artistic performances, and activities for employees and their families.

The main purpose of a corporate Christmas tree is to foster camaraderie, strengthen employee relationships, and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year. It is also an opportunity for the company to show its gratitude to its employees by offering them a moment of relaxation and conviviality during the holiday period.

Steps for Organizing a Christmas Tree

1. Define the budget

The first step to organizing a corporate Christmas tree is to define the budget. It is important to know the amount allocated to be able to plan the different activities, buy gifts, decoration and food. The budget must be realistic and take into account the number of people present.

2. Choose a date

The second step is to choose a date that suits all employees. It is important to check the calendar and avoid busy periods. It is also possible to survey employees to find out their availability and preferences.

3. Choose the location

The choice of location depends on the number of people expected. If the company has a meeting room or large space, it is possible to organize the event on site. Otherwise, it is possible to rent a room or reserve a restaurant. Why not make your Christmas tree on our boat the Diamant Bleu?

4. Plan activities

Activities are one of the keys to a successful corporate Christmas tree. It is important to offer activities that all employees enjoy, such as board games, quizzes, tree decorating competitions, shows, etc. It is also possible to organize creative workshops for children or tastings of Christmas products.

5. Choose gifts

Gifts are another important part of organizing the corporate Christmas tree. It is possible to survey employees to find out their preferences. It is also possible to choose generic gifts that appeal to everyone, such as gift baskets or vouchers.

6. Plan food

Food is a key part of organizing the corporate Christmas tree. It is important to provide dishes that all employees like, such as appetizers, petit fours, hot and cold dishes, desserts, etc. It is also possible to provide drinks, such as mulled wine, champagne or cocktails.

7. Decorate the space

Decorating the space is an important step in creating a festive atmosphere. It is possible to decorate the Christmas tree, hang fairy lights, put candles and table decorations.

8. Communicate about the event

The last step consists of communicating about the event to employees. It is possible to create invitations, communicate on the company intranet or make announcements during meetings.

By following these different steps, you will be able to organize a successful corporate Christmas tree that will please all employees.

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