Visit Paris by night: unusual and magical experience

soirée péniche paris

Why do you absolutely have to visit Paris at night if you come to the capital?

Paris is a magnificent capital by day and by night, but if you want to discover all the charms of this beautiful city we advise you to stroll there at night in order to discover all its charms and secrets.

A setting worthy of a film!

By spending the night in Paris you will discover a city that is calmer, more romantic and above all full of history.

During your walk, you will certainly come across some of the city’s night owls because even if the city is quieter at night, it remains very populated and very active.

At night, you can admire the beauty of Paris as you have seen it in numerous films such as the must-see “Ratatouille”, “A Monster in Paris” or even “Midnight in Paris”.

During the day, Paris is a crowded city, moving at a hundred miles an hour. We can often feel overwhelmed by this hectic pace of life that Parisians maintain, unlike at night when most residents sleep while the beauty of Paris awakens.

diner croisiere nouvel an paris

Why is the Blue Diamond cruise the best alternative to discover Paris by night?

The Blue Diamond offers a dinner cruise from 8:30 p.m. to visit Paris by night, the cruise takes the form of a stroll on the Seine.

Boarding takes place in Austerlitz and the barge goes up to the Statue of Liberty, so you will see all the must-see monuments of the capital such as the Eiffel Tower, the Île de la Cité, the Musée d’Orsay and even The Grand Palace.

This night visit to Paris will be more than original, because you will have a breathtaking and unique view from the Seine, this will allow you to discover the monuments as you have never seen them before.

The time of the cruise is perfect if you want to visit at night because you will be able to observe a magnificent sunset in the early evening and then be treated to a more subdued atmosphere with the city lights.

During this walk, you will be treated to a delicious gourmet dinner prepared by our chef, using fresh products carefully selected by our teams.

The food offered on the boat is the real asset of our cruise because in addition to having a magnificent view of the monuments, you will be accompanied throughout the trip by delicious dishes and very warm music!

A magical atmosphere for an exceptional night visit to Paris!

On board the Diamant Bleu will be a singer and a guitarist for a soothing and romantic atmosphere for visiting Paris at night.

The music played will be in keeping with the atmosphere: soft and calm at the start of the evening in order to concentrate on the Parisian nocturnal landscapes.

On the return journey, a DJ will take over to allow guests to let loose and have fun at the end of the evening.

These two atmospheres make the cruise even more interesting because it allows you to visit the capital at night in a very romantic way but also to dance and have fun in good company.

restaurant croisière paris

A breathtaking view of the most beautiful monuments in Paris

During the cruise, you will have the opportunity to pass in front of the Eiffel Tower twice, the second time you will have the opportunity to see it light up at 10 p.m.

You will be right in front to enjoy the best view of the capital. This passage in front of the iron lady will finalize your nighttime visit on the Seine. The breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower will be the perfect place for photos to immortalize your evening. In addition to the Eiffel Tower, you will be able to observe many historic Parisian monuments during your meal on board. Thanks to the bay windows throughout the boat, you will have a panoramic view of Paris on board, regardless of your chosen location. During your journey you will be able to enjoy the architecture of the many Parisian bridges which give a real charm to the city such as the Pont Alexandre III, with its magnificent golden statues and street lamps illuminated at night. Our team on the boat will be at your disposal for any questions or problems to make your cruise unforgettable.

As you have understood, the cruise aboard the Diamant Bleu is an original and unusual experience which will allow you to discover the capital by night if you are staying here or to see it from a new angle if you live there.