Unforgettable Paris afterwork “Seinement

afterwork paris

A large part of afterworks in our capital Paris take place in cafés and restaurants. These moments of conviviality enable company teams to communicate with each other in a more relaxed way, creating bonds between employees. After a long day’s work, or on a different day, the teams of many companies decide to meet in more prestigious venues.

Nowadays, well-being in the workplace is of prime importance to companies, enabling them to attract younger employees and encourage mutual support within their offices.An afterwork in Paris is part of an approach that promotes relaxation in a professional setting.

They’re also a great way to renew and create social ties within your teams!

Theafterworks in Pariscan take place in various locations close to the company’s premises, as well as on the Seine.

An afterwork in front of the Seine

Our teams are delighted to welcome you every evening, to share in this beautiful journey along the Seine. Come and enjoy our dinner cruises designed for your comfort, with panoramic views of the capital’s finest monuments.

Whatever the season, you’ll enjoy the beauty of the greatest monuments along the Seine. Sail with us while enjoying a gourmet meal with Paris in the background. Sip a cocktail with colleagues on a patio overlooking the beauty of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral as seen from the Seine at night.

The Seine never ceases to surprise! Although the monuments are there to flatter the beauty of our capital, here it’s a matter of combining your Afterwork in Pariswork, atmosphere and memories in breathtaking beauty!

The diversity of our ships offers a variety of atmospheres and menus. In fact, our menus evolve with the seasons and can accommodate any special dietary requirements. The aim is to diversify our offer and satisfy each and every one of our guests.

A successful Paris afterwork

It’s essential for a team to stick together. On board our various dinner cruises on the Seine, each person gathers to enjoy a fine meal, and sip and procrastinate just as much over one of our flagship cocktails.
Our dinner cruises are a perfect complement to the idea of anafterwork party in Paris successful. Whether it’s the unique experience of cruising our French capital, dancing and singing along with our singer and DJ, your colleagues will be delighted to share a common memory. Each of the guests present was amazed by the illuminating lights of our beautiful capital!

It goes without saying that, although the evening is ideally suited to you at the moment, it’s important to organize it well in advance.
Prepare yourself mentally so that thisafter-work party in Pariswill be a success you’ll never forget!

What’s more, since you’re among friends, you can send any message or news to your guests. Take advantage of this moment to bring your company together in an unusually enticing location. We guarantee you’ll not only remember your job! Your guests and colleagues will remember this joyful, friendly team event.

The idea of an afterwork in Paris, and moreover on the Seine, is above all the innovative desire and invitation that every company extracts from its appeal.

Diamant Bleu TerraceOption Spritz

A blend of culture and entertainment

In addition to the refined cuisine offered on board our dinner cruises, you’ll be immersed in the history and art of Paris. In fact, the banks of the Seine in Paris have been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1991. This journey will plunge you into the history of Paris, full of surprises and diversity, to help you understand and discover this city of a thousand secrets. A QR code will give you real-time access to explanations and information on the monuments the boat will take you past, so you can expand (or deepen) your culture in the company of your colleagues. This will invite you to extend your relationships at work for a more friendly and human atmosphere. A variety of conversation topics will fuel and renew your conversations between two small coffees.

It’s a moment that goes perfectly with the different atmospheres our dinner cruises can offer. Whether it’s a dance floor accompanied by a DJ and singer, or an atmospheric playlist, your employees can relax or create a new choreography together that will make them stand out from the crowd! Photograph, film and, above all, enjoy your unforgettable evening with colleagues, who will remember this moment of conviviality and shared memories.

In addition to this atypical afterwork in Paris, it goes without saying that your guests will be talking about it, and will be envied by others for the unique opportunity to enjoy an evening with colleagues on the waves coming and going from our beautiful Parisian Seine, which will then be the “mise en Seine” of your company. afterwork in Paris.

To conclude: a gastronomic dinner with colleagues in Paris

In short, an afterwork dinner cruise inParis on the Seine is an experience that combines elegance, relaxation and discovery. From lively Paris afterworks to gourmet dinners and breathtaking night views, every aspect contributes to creating lasting memories. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying the beauty of Paris, this combination offers an incomparable experience that will be remembered for years to come. Prepare to be transported to a world of culinary and visual delights along the Seine, for a truly unforgettable Parisian evening.