Organize a glittering farewell party in Paris

organisation pot de depart

Leaving a company is a momentous occasion. Seeing your colleague leave a place where you used to come together every day can be painful and, for some, comforting. However,organizing a farewell partyis a special occasion to honor and say goodbye to a colleague, while expressing your best wishes for a positive future.

By combining each of your colleagues in an afterwork, dinner, or a small break between colleagues,the organization of a farewell party on a dinner cruise is more than you can imagine. What if your departure was unforgettable?

Under its beautiful lights across the capital, the Seine and the skies, Paris is filled with magic, but also with memories. It goes without saying that it’s a city, just like your visit to a company, that remains memorable. The surrounding monuments, a play of light and a festive atmosphere are the keys to success whenorganizing a farewell drink.

A memory of sharing and fairness among colleagues

Sail without hierarchy over a glass of wine and a good meal on the Parisian Seine while recalling your fondest memories of work, and where, anecdotes. Our different backdrops will soften your shots, but will also surprise you when you see the monuments around you!

This is a moment to capture mentally and photographically in front of the sumptuous Eiffel Tower, passing by the Louvre, and ourNotre-Dame Cathedral. It’s a great way to create new memories and strengthen existing bonds between colleagues.

What’s more, the dinner matches your taste buds. From French to Italian cuisine, our dinner cruises are enjoyed by all. This moment of conviviality will allow you to discover new flavors, and in particular to learn more about the person with whom you may have spent sometimes entire days. It’s a shared experience, with everyone pulling together every day to make their company the best it can be.

Paris, capital of beauty and enchanting gastronomy, will transport you on a dinner cruise of regal and seductive success.

A festive and organized start

The music and dance floor are great assets (*subject to availability of the offers concerned*)! Whether you’re reserved, jovial or a loner, it’s moments like these that bring together sharing and laughter. What could be better than strutting your stuff or simply swaying to a choreography that will follow you out of the office?

On the booking side, our team will take care of all the important formalities for you, and will point you in the right direction for easy communication. We do our utmost to ensure that this working atmosphere is “put on hold” when weorganize your farewell party– after all, it’s a festive occasion.

A mood is enough, but words about what we’re feeling leave their mark on our minds. It’s at a time like this that it’s wise and loving to write and say some sweet, funny words to your dearest colleague, who may later become your friend. So take advantage of this moment to film, photograph and, above all, remember this luminous moment to the full!

BeveragesJuly 14th on Le Diamant Bleu

Organizing the farewell party for your company’s star!

After all that hard work and ringing alarm clocks, it’s time to get up in the morning and enjoy this magical moment, in which you’ll be the brightest star. Each and every one of the people involved in our respective businesses remains an inspiration.

We were able to spend hours and days together, whether indoors or outdoors, nothing is too much trouble. In fact, not everyone will have the right to say goodbye and, above all, to take advantage of this moment to celebrate your new start in life! It’s the perfect way to leave a lasting impression on theconversation after your farewell party.

Yes! A star should only be unforgettable! Althoughorganizing this farewell partywill be unforgettable, it will enchant your arrival and departure in your company right up to the last moment.. Your colleagues and superiors will never forget you. In fact, how can we forget the person who, thanks to her, made this evening possible?

A meticulously tasty farewell party

When your partyis organized as a farewell party, it goes without saying that your tupperware and cafeteria are not invited! In fact, this evening, you and your guests will be pampered over dishes typically designed by our various chefs, provided to satisfy all types of taste buds as possible. Enjoy a healthy and varied diet, meticulously prepared to enchant your dinner cruise. Diversify your tastes by eating and meticulously sipping a good cocktail or glass of wine and enjoy what will give everyone an unforgettable taste memory.

Take the opportunity to treat yourself and enhance your culinary appeal! Our kitchen and service teams will be delighted to help you make the most of your evening. Our fresh produce, created daily, is the envy of each and every one of our guests, so let yourself be conquered. Without a doubt, this dinner cruise will not leave you indifferent and on your “last legs”! We’ll be delighted to welcome you aboard and turn yourorganized departure pointinto a sublime dinner cruise.

To conclude: the Seine on your way out

A farewell party should be memorable, because your presence in your company was important and may have left a mark on some of your colleagues. So now it’s time to leave, but in a way that ensures you won’t be forgotten, and only in a positive way, especially when it comes to getting the rest of your crew to enjoy one of our dinner cruises.