How to organize a product launch party?

organisation soirée lancement de produit

The launch of a product is one of the events that will have the greatest influence on its growth. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right venue and the right guests.

What is a product launch?

A product launch party is an evening organized to give a small circle of people a preview of a new product.

This evening will allow brands to publicize their new products as soon as they are launched.

During this evening the goal is to make their products known to loyal customers, influential people and also the press.

Thanks to this event, the brand will receive media coverage on their product and this will allow it to gain popularity.

This product launch is important to the company’s employees because it represents the accomplishment of their efforts on this project. This therefore also helps motivate people within the company.

If a product has a good launch, it will be very promising for the future.

As you have understood, it is a very beneficial event for companies both internally and externally, so it is essential not to neglect it.

How to organize a successful product launch party in Paris?

The organization of the evening must be impeccable in order to be prepared for all eventualities and unforeseen events that could spoil the evening.

Choose date

The choice of date is very important for the success of the evening and the success of the product, because you must choose a date that is not too close to another launch in order to avoid competition that could make you lose money. ‘shadow.

Do not choose a date too close in order to have time to make the necessary communication for the event and to have the maximum number of guests present, the more you do it in advance, the more positive responses to your invitations will be.

Choose the location

The choice of location must be a priority for this evening because it is the element that everyone will notice, it must be up to the brand and the image of the product that you want to project.

You should also choose a venue that can hold the number of guests you have planned for the event.

The ideal would be an original place, which will leave an impression on the guests!

The Le Diamant Bleu barge would be the perfect combo between originality and elegance.

Renting our barge in Paris would allow you to impress your guests and the press by strolling on the Seine.

What better setting to present a product than a stroll in the center of Paris!

Make the guest list

The guests are a key element because the people present at the evening will allow this new product to become known to the general public through their social networks, articles or even word of mouth.

organisation soirée lancement de produit

You need to choose people who can reach your main target to be sure to guarantee the success of your product with the right customers.

As for the choice of media present, you must also be interested in the audiences they reach before making your choice.

Choose the decoration

The decoration will inevitably have a major impact on the impression that guests will have of your evening.

You must create a decoration consistent with your product so as not to mislead guests.

A good decoration will have the effect of immersing them in your world.

It doesn’t need to be very extravagant because the star of the evening remains your product.

If you do not want to dwell on details such as decoration and installation of the room, you can use our event services on the barge.

Organize the event

Once all the previous steps have been completed, you must organize the course of events, in order to be ready for all eventualities.

This involves knowing the number of guests to know the number of security guards or waiters who will need to be present during the evening.

If you decide to serve an aperitif cocktail during your evening, you must plan a suitable caterer.

When booking with Le Diamant Bleu, you can choose to retain our catering services.

Why is the Blue Diamond the most suitable location for your product launches?

In addition to having an idyllic and very elegant setting, the Diamant Bleu is a barge that can accommodate more than 400 people. It will therefore be suitable for small and large receptions.

You can choose to embark at the port you want from a list of Parisian ports. This option will allow you to choose the setting you want for boarding or for the rest of the evening if you prefer to stay at the dock.

The blue diamond also offers you an event service during rental if you wish. This means that we will take care of all aspects of decoration, catering and installation of the room. We will take care of responding to all your requests and wishes for this event.

Our barge has already hosted numerous launch parties for different types of products such as cars or even lingerie…