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Dinner cruise

It may be the gift to please your children, family, or friends on the occasion of their visit to Paris or their birthday, you want to give them a good gift of a dinner cruise … So first, choose the desired cruise and then we will send you by mail an invitation voucher that you can directly give to your guests. Whether you’re aboard Le Diamand Bleu or Daniel’s, enjoy an unforgettable evening on the Seine. We offer different services in terms of dinner cruises. The Gourmet Cruise on Saturday evening will make you experience a taste adventure rich in twists and turns. For Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve, we also guarantee an evening like no other.

The gourmet cruise

Be tempted by an evening of festivity and gluttony, this is the essence of a gourmet cruise aboard our barges. With Le Diamant Bleu as with Daniel’s, you will sail all along the Seine for a cruise of about 2 hours. Take a seat aboard one of these luxurious boats to discover the romantic side of Paris during the night. During this gourmet adventure, a Michelin-starred chef will concoct delicious menus from fresh products. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to taste refined dishes of the haute cuisine of France. In addition, this escape over the Seine will take you to the monuments that make Paris famous.



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The Big Papa’s Boat

The Daniels from the 1st of September will offer a new concept on the Seine: a short cruise between 1:15 and 1:30 with a new concept of buffet pizza, but beware, buffet pizza and low price does not mean low-end concept … Well on the contrary, this pizza boat will produce quality pizzas and will even have the ambition to compete with the best pizzas in Paris. You will tell us « How? Well, it’s very simple! Our chef was voted the world’s best pizza in 2016, this is Ludovic Biecchierai. What more does this concept bring? Aside from being sure that you came out of the boat to satiety … well the choices to eat different pizzas. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to eat 1/4 Margarita, 1/4 truffle pizza, or 1/4 of marinated salmon pizza … all ingredients will be imported from Italy and the dough will remain our secret. Everything has been done to make it crispy and greedy as our celebrity chef Cyril Lignac says. Departure from Beaugrenelle 10 mts from the statue of Liberty on the boat Daniel’s as a case of this new concept.

Boat 70 seats with a terrace of 30 seats.


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Diners cruises special dates

For Valentine’s Day, choose to spend a special evening aboard one of our barges, Le Diamant Bleu or Daniel’s. Musical entertainment, gluttony and discovery of the most beautiful monuments of Paris are on the program. The Valentine’s Day party starts from 119 euros on Le Diamant Bleu and 99 euros on Le Daniel’s.


Do not hesitate to celebrate New Year’s Eve aboard our cruise ships. With its 450 m² panoramic lounge and 350 m² terrace, Le Diamant Bleu is perfect for up to 400 guests. If you plan to invite 10 to 70 people, choose Daniel’s. This air-conditioned barge combines comfort and elegance.


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