From March 24, Le Diamant Bleu launches an unprecedented formula on the Seine: gourmet cruises. You already salivate hearing the chosen name but wait to know what our teams concocted for you. From the port of Austerlitz, Le Diamant Bleu, elegant boat of only three years old and offering during the year its privatization for personal or professional events, will wait for you for the start of an unforgettable cruise.

Le Diamant Bleu is first of all an elegant cut, recognizable by all its singularity. You will enter the large lounge and enjoy the panoramic view of Paris from the huge door-to-ceiling windows. The tables of different sizes surrounding the lounge will be ready to welcome you. Elegant buffets that will host the culinary shows will also be set up. As the evening progresses you can also enjoy a quiet terrace above, where to meet, a drink in hand, over the water, to discuss and take a souvenir picture with the professional photographer present on the boat.

Two gourmet workshops, a dozen tasting dishes prepared in front of your eyes by our chefs, on three different options, will be proposed. Burgers, meat and fish kebab, with gourmet side dishes, trust us, you will enjoy. A real musical atmosphere will be offered to you thanks to a resident DJ, shots for bachelor and bachelorette party member, a cake for the birthdays, all on a cruise of 1H45 through Paris the magnificent, everything was thought for your comfort. As a couple or a group, for a special occasion where just to innovate a Saturday night, this gourmet cruise will certainly fill your expectations. During the summer, two departures will be offered on Saturday nights to suit all schedules. On Saturday, March 24th, will be the first gourmet cruise of Le Diamant Bleu.

The agencies, the bloggers, and the first customers will therefore discover this new offer, prepared during several months. See you every Saturday night on the barge for a meal cruise around a gourmet and refined cuisine, prepared on board by our catering team, in a cheerful atmosphere.